The Process

We are very lucky to receive a huge amount of interest in our puppies and rarely have Maltipoo or Cavapoo puppies immediately available – we run waiting lists for our puppies.

Joining our waiting list is a way to register serious interest with us, it is not a contract or guarantee that we will be able to offer you a puppy unfortunately. We are very much led by nature, and this determines timing, litter size, sexes and colours. For this reason our waiting list does not work on a numbers basis as everyone has different preferences of timing, colour, sex etc. Where possible we will offer you a puppy that matches the preferences you have mentioned when we have puppies available. Our only priority is finding our puppies the very best homes, and this will always be our first consideration.

We understand that many families would like a puppy straight away but good breeders with health tested dogs, raised in a home environment should have a long waiting list.

With regards to our waiting lists, we have decided not to work on solely a ‘numbers’ basis – we have found that those who messaged us at the start of this year and haven’t been in touch since don’t respond. But we also have lovely families who take the time to tell us about themselves, keep in touch and build a relationship with us. Finding the very best homes is our number one priority and we will take many things into account, not just your number on our list.

We choose not to share our expected litters and pregnancies because it can lead to disappointment for some people, and added pressure for us. Once our litter have safely arrived we will take a few days to monitor their progress and to ensure they are thriving and gaining weight. Providing all is well, when our puppies are between seven and 14 days old we will begin to contact people on our waiting list, this is when we will share full details on the litter, their parents, photographs etc.

At this stage we will have a telephone call to talk things through further, ask/answer any outstanding questions and if we are both happy we will arrange for you to come and meet the puppies and Mum, usually at four/five weeks old. We tend to have a set viewing day, this is normally a Saturday or Sunday where all families will visit individually at an allocated time, we usually allow 45 minutes per visit. You will be asked to remove your shoes and sanitise your hands for the safety of our puppies. Wherever possible we will offer you a choice of puppies but we will manage your expectations when it comes to this prior to your visit. At this viewing you will choose and reserve your puppy and leave your deposit. We will then send you an update once a week until the collection day, which is usually at eight weeks, or just after.

Unfortunately as we are home breeders we are unable to accept visitors speculatively, for the health, safety and wellbeing of our dogs, puppies and families we only have visits when we have an appropriate puppy for you. We don’t have kennels and our ‘set up’ is our living rooms and kitchens. We are fully licenced and vet inspected.

Our Puppies

Visits will be welcome once the puppies are over four weeks old. Once you have chosen your puppy and paid a holding deposit we will keep in touch with regular photos and updates until your Cavapoo or Maltipoo is ready to leave us – the earliest puppies can leave us is eight weeks.

Prior to leaving us our Cavapoo/Maltipoo will have received their first vaccination (usually Nobivac Lepto 2), microchip and thorough vet check – they will be wormed regularly and be given a flea preventative. They will leave us with a full information booklet, vaccination certificate, a minimum of two weeks food, a blanket and toy which smells of Mum and home and a life time of support. We love receiving updates and really hope all our new owners stay in touch.

Our puppies leave with a contract in place, this is to benefit both our puppies and new owners. The basis of this is that unless agreed prior our puppies are not to be bred from and that if at any point you are unable to keep your puppy you must contact us first and return them to us if requested. The contract also gives you five days to have your puppy checked by your own vet, and if they find a significant problem you can return them to us and your payment will be refunded. You must be happy to sign this.

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos
Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos
Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos