Lily and Family

Looking for a good Cavapoo breeder seemed to be a minefield but we stumbled upon henleypoos and jess and our mind was made up that we’d wait for a pup from them. We were incredibly lucky to get Teddy as quickly as we did and from the start she has been nothing but helpful and a great support. We met Teddy’s mother and we were given all the information plus about tests the parents had etc.

Teddy is 8 months now, has the best temperament and has been the best decision we ever made. Jess has been there, not only in the puppy phase but if I ever have any questions she’s always there to help and I know she will be for the rest of teddy’s life, because she cares. Sometimes I feel like we’ve joined a little henleypoo’s family as I’m in touch with lots of other owners. I think this just shows how great they are as breeders.

I would 100% recommend them if you are looking to add a little “poo” to your life.

Teddy – Cavapoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos

Justine and Peter

Rhubarb our Henley Cavapoo is such a great little puppy. He has been with us for just over five weeks and has settled in well, adored wherever he goes, friendly to all he meets. He is intelligent, fun, lively, playful, cuddly and loves his food, (especially chicken) he keeps us busy but we are loving having him after a four year gap of owning a dog.
After much research we decided on a Cavapoo, previously we had owned Border Collies. We were so lucky to find Henleypoos so close to home & after a few months wait jumped on the waiting list when we could.
A viewing of the litter with Pixie his Mum when he was five weeks old was so exciting and updates from Jess once a week until home time was much appreciated. It’s wonderful to find a breeder that loves their dogs and puppies and cares soooo much!
The puppy pack that Rhubarb came home with is really informative & useful, well put together with info. on health, training, socialisation, feeding, grooming & exercise. Also info. on his pedigree parents including health check certification. He also had a blanket with his litter scent on and two fabulous toys all with his name embroidered on.
We feel so lucky to have Rhubarb as I know choosing a breeder can be rather daunting, he certainly was worth the little wait and Henleypoos have continued to be supportive and interested in his development.
He has his own Instagram account if you are interested to see what a wonderful Henleypoos pup he is; rhubarb_ourcavapoo
Thank you Jess and Connor……… he’s brought us so much joy……..we love him x

Rhubarb – Cavapoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos


Just wanted to send you a message to say a huge thank you for my little Ivy.
11 weeks old and doing so well! She’s such a bright, beautiful and happy little girl…with bags of energy and the biggest personality! Ivy’s mad half hours are now legendary…😂
I’m so pleased I waited for a litter with you both. I knew you were the breeders for me as soon as I found your pages, and Michele you were fabulous all the way through. I can’t thank you enough for raising your pups with such care and love.
As for Ivy, she can’t wait to be walking out and about (being carried everywhere no longer cuts the mustard!) and she causes a fuss wherever she goes with people wanting to stroke her and ask what breed she is. I think I’ll have to leave the house 30 mins earlier once she’s on a lead to allow extra time for her to meet her public 😂!
She’s such a joyous little thing, and always brings a smile to my face whether she’s tearing around the house, asking for a cuddle, or in one of her many ‘inventive’ sleeping positions! I couldn’t love her more.
Jess, thank you for coming back to me so quickly to say there might still be a little girl needing a home…and Michele for being so kind and welcoming, and for giving Ivy the most wonderful start in life.

Ivy – Maltipoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos


Here’s Bertie.

He’ll be 12 weeks old on Friday and will have been with me for 4 weeks. I cannot imagine life without him now.

He’s gorgeous – hard work, but so worth it. Thank you so much to Jess for giving him the best start. He was definitely worth waiting for and I’d advise anyone to wait for a Henley pup. If you can’t wait, be very cautious about where you get your pup from.

Thank you Jess from me and licks from Bertie 🐶🐾xxx

Bertie – Cavapoochon

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos


I am so grateful that after extensive research I have come across Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos. Jess was fantastic from the start, very professional always answering my messages quickly and very soon after a few conversations I just knew that we are going to have the so long desired Maltipoo puppy from them.

One evening the most gorgeous Maltipoo puppy photo landed in our inbox and the moment we saw her, fell in love.
We received weekly photo and progress updates until the pick up date arrived.

Bimba is the most lovable, friendly, easy going puppy I have ever met…she came with a little blanket with litter mate and mum’s scent, a toy both had her name embroidered, booklet, food for first week and meal vouchers for next orders.
I would like to thank you for your continuous and constant support given during this process, we are extremely happy and grateful for this little miracle we call now Bimba.

Bimba – Maltipoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos

Cat and Rich

Our journey all started about a year ago, when we were having a rare night in. Following a couple of glasses of wine we decided we needed a little puppy to complete our family.
We just didn’t know what breed to go for. Some of our friends have a mental Cockerpoo, and although a bit boisterous for us, we loved his cuteness, so a search for something similar ensued….
After scouring the internet for seventeen years (actually, it was a couple of months, but felt a lot longer) we stumbled across Henley Cavapoos on Facebook and excitedly decided to contact them. Looking back now, we are so, so glad we did. We could not possibly have asked for a better experience. Jess was amazing, answering any questions we had and contacted us to make sure we were ok when we got home.
Now, we have a 13 week old little boy, Alfie who is coming along in leaps and bounds, which has been a massive relief after us heart-breakingly taking him away from his beautiful mum Pixie a few weeks ago. He really is a beautiful dog and wherever we go It takes so long to get there because of all the attention he gets!
So, thank you Henley for providing us with such a lovely dog and letting us give him his forever home 💗 we can’t wait to meet up with you all again xxx

Alfie – Cavapoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos


Beyond happy with Henleypoos. We have had little Ivy for just over 11 weeks now. She’s the most loving, affectionate and intelligent dog. I have wanted a dog for three years but I wanted it to be perfect. I did so much research into different breeds and especially breeders.

Jess was amazing the whole way through. She sent me photos of Ivy and little videos of her playing so I really felt like I was a part of her first weeks even though I wasn’t present. The whole process was so easy and well organised. I was given a little puppy pack with some food and a blanket with her mums scent and name embroidered on it, which she still sleeps with every night. I was also given certificates to show the parents and her had been health tested. Jess also asked me questions about living situation and how I would manage a puppy, which goes to show she really wants the best homes for these little ones and is really concerned with their well being.

So in love with my little girl, Ivy. I 100% would recommend Jess and Henleypoos. So professional and you feel apart of a little family. Thank you so much HenleyPoos!!

Ivy – Cavapoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos

Katie and Kevin

After months of research and years of waiting I found Henley Cavapoos online and immediately got in contact. I knew from first time I spoke with Jess that she would be who we would get our first puppy from. We got our gorgeous boy Elvis in May this year and it has been the best decision ever!

I loved that the puppies were born and brought up in Jess’s home, and that she doesn’t allow her dogs to have litter after litter. She did a fantastic job looking after Elvis until we could bring him home and he couldn’t have had a better start to his life!

I can not recommend Henley Cavapoos enough!!!

Elvis – Cavapoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos


As a first time dog owner I did a lot of research but once I found Henleypoos I knew they were the right breeder for me. Jess and Conor were fantastic throughout the process. They were happy to answer any questions I had and I could tell instantly how much they cared for the puppies and their mums.

Luna was definitely worth waiting for and I can’t imagine my life now without her in it. She has brought so much love and happiness to my whole family. She has a fantastic personality, loves people and playing!

Thank you Jess and Conor for bringing Luna into the world and looking after her in the first 2 months of her life 🙂 x

Luna – Cavapoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos


I am forever grateful to Jess at Henley Poos for our little Joey. He is an absolute dream puppy and we are totally besotted with him.

After searching for the perfect Maltipoo breeder for 5 years we came across Henley Poos online and quickly decided they were the perfect fit for us. We were happy to wait as long as necessary to get a pup from Henley Poos and when our little Joey came home with us, we were over the moon.

He is well behaved, easy to train, and has the most delightful personality. Calm, easy going, and brilliant around other people and dogs.

Thank you thank you thank you Jess!

Joey – Maltipoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos

Noura and Family

11 years of hopes for my eldest daughter and 1 year of waiting list later, we got our little maltipoo Mila.
I can’t thank enough Henley poo for this little bundle of joy. I must say that they did an amazing job in the whole process of offering them the most suitable family and all the care that they provided to them but also toward us.
As a first puppy, we were quite stressed in the beginning and had many many questions.
she added nothing but extra laughs and happiness in our family of 4. She is so friendly, kind, playful, and smart. She is the cutest little thing I ve ever met.
Now I can’t leave the house without being stopped by people, asking is she real? She is a dream come true! I want the same! What is it? Omg how cute!…haha
I was teaching my daughters to never speak to strangers, all gone now, she is a little star 🐶🌟.
She is now 4 months and 3.7 lbs so confident and full of energy.
We are all so in love with her ❤️
Thanks a million Michelle and Jess!

Mila – Maltipoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos

Lucie and Family

I highly recommend Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos. From the first time I messaged Jess and was lucky enough to be considered for one of their gorgeous Cavapoos, I knew I had found the breeder for us. She answered all of my many questions and was very knowledgeable and professional. When we went to choose our puppy Jess and Conor were so lovely and we collected our gorgeous little girl Nellie on Saturday and she is perfect in every way.

Jess had prepared lovely packs that she had clearly taken a lot of time and trouble to do and gave us so much information to help us on our way. Nellie has fitted into our family so quickly. She is the calmest, most laid back lovely natured little dog. She is thriving on her Raw diet Jess had started her on and eats her meals within seconds. She has gone outside for every toilet since she arrived and taken everything in her stride. A real credit to Jess’s lovely dogs and giving them the best start. Thank you so much Jess for our wonderful new addition we adore her.

Nellie – Cavapoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos


I have nothing but good things to say about Henleypoos. All my interactions were professional.
I went to go and choose my Cavapoochon, Simba when he was 4 weeks old and was shown all the paperwork in regards to his breeding.
Simba was with the rest of his litter and mother in the home very well taken care of.
I picked Simba up at 8 weeks old and he still needed his jabs before he was safe to around other dogs so I kept him home and let him pee on my terrace. He was really easy to house train.
Simba is a really easy going, friendly, joyful kind little puppy. I’ve made made a few friends through Simba because people fall in love with him so quickly!
He knew I was his owner 2 days after I had him despite the fact that he was around other people as well. He’s now 7 months old and fully grown at 6.1kgs.
Given the chance I would get another dog from Henleypoos for sure!

Simba – Cavapoochon

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos

Carly and Family

We have had our little Flo for only 4 weeks but we couldn’t imagine our life without her already. She is the most sweetest, loving, smart but cheeky little lady. Henleypoos was recommended to us but I still did my research and soon realised that they were definitely the right choice for us and our little fur baby was well and truly worth the wait.

Jess was so nice, she replied straight away, kept me updated with pics and videos. I would highly recommend her to anyone. You can see she has the best interest at heart for mum and pups and as the say proof is in the pudding and well our little pudding is just perfect.

Thank you so much for giving us our girl.

Flo – Cockapoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos

Sarah and Family

From day one of meeting Jess she was nothing but professional. I knew then she was the breeder for us. All the health certificates were laid out for me to see and She answered my many many questions about the best ways to train/raise a pup etc. Jess even agreed to keep our boy an extra week so we could go on a pre booked camping trip.

Jess really does breed the nicest healthiest pups. We are so lucky to have our pup Merlin, he really is the sweetest, most lovely natured dog we could of asked for. He is perfect!!

Thank you Jess for all your care and attention raising him in the early weeks and always being available to answer any questions even now 8 months on.

Merlin – Cavapoochon

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos

Krupa and Family

I am soooo thankful that I came across Henley Cavapoos and Maltipoos… from the start I had a good feeling about them and thought the wait will be worth it.. and it sure was worth it…I wanted a pup a year after so it worked out perfectly…

When we went to see our pup the first time, I was so nervous but they made us feel so comfortable. Coco is so loveable and absolutely gorgeous… lovely behaviour and a little cheeky, just the way we like him… they also had a list of things for you to get before your pup arrives, so useful… and focused on the necessary stuff..

I can’t recommend them enough… so so happy with them and our Coco… thank you so much..

Coco – Cavapoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos

Taryn and Family

We found Henley Cavapoos and Maltipoos during our search for an ethical breeder with health testing for parents.

We were initially looking for a maltipoo and were waiting for Jess to open up the waiting list. I was happy to wait as I appreciate that her dogs have a decent time between litters, I feel strongly that this is important. As it turned out, we had the opportunity for a Cavapoochon, the last one left in the litter.

Our little Peanut came home 3 weeks ago and he is absolutely perfect. We couldn’t have asked for a better puppy. He has a calm and patient temperament and his trainer commented on how he’ll be a dream to train.

Once you find the right breeder it’s well worth waiting. Even better if you can be open to having any breed that Henleypoos have to offer (they are all gorgeous!)

Peanut – Cavapoochon

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos

Heidi and Family

After extensive research we decided to wait for a Henley Cavapoo. We are so glad we did! Maisie is now 15weeks old and is fully integrated into our family already.

She sleeps in her crate 8hrs a night happily. She understands and responds to ‘sit, come, down’ already and is learning to heel. She loves to play fetch, a belly rub and a good cuddle on someone’s lap!

She has a beautiful temperament with both people and other dogs, thanks to Jess’ efforts in the early weeks. She is knowledgeable and professional and you can see that all her dogs are so well cared for. We love our Maisie.

Maisie – Cavapoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos

Emad and Family

We had been looking into bringing a dog home for a while, when we came across Jess at Henley Cavapoos. We knew right away that we finally found the breeder that we can trust to provide us with a companion.

We were right; Jess was extremely helpful from the get-go till the end, and continues to be so. Highly recommended, thanks Jess

Bruno – Cavapoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos

Laurie and Nathan

I can’t recommend Michele and Jess enough… it took me months of research and calls to find a breeder I felt happy to get our puppy from, at first contact I knew Henleypoo’s was for us as you can hear and see how much they love their dogs.

We got our beautiful little Winnie in November last year, we were able to ask any questions we had, we got to meet both parents as well as having continual support even till this day! From the second we chose Winnie we had photo and video updates to see how she was progressing and when it was time to pick her up she came with a lovely puppy pack including a embroidered blanket with her name on.

Winnie is the most loving puppy and this is because of the great environment she was brought up in, you couldn’t wish for anything more in a breeder and a dog. I recommend them to everyone as they are just brilliant!!

Winnie – Maltipoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos

Vicky and Family

We have had Buster and Lulu for a year now and have not looked back. They are the most amazing dogs, such a lovely temperament with children and adults and so loving. They are also clever and easily trained.
Henley Cavapoos were fantastic from the start, Jess was so friendly and approachable. From our first telephone conversation she could tell how desperate we were for another dog after losing our Tibetan Terrier so that when she had someone drop out she phoned me immediately and offered me Buster.
When we arrived at their home which was so clean and tidy, both of Busters parents present and all the necessary documentation was ready for us to see. We were so happy with their professionalism that we decided to buy Lulu from the second litter.
Ever since then Jess has always made time to answer any questions that I have and offer advice. Henley Cavapoos never forget their babies and always want to know how they are getting on, which is so lovely. I cannot recommend them enough !!!!

Buster and Lulu – Cavapoos

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos

Julie and Brian

This is Rosie she will be 2 years old in January. It was by luck we came across Jess at Henley poo’s, Rosie has been an absolute delight & the love of our lives!

We can’t recommend Jess & Conor highly enough. They have a true love for their dogs who all live in the family home.

We have been so impressed with them that we are going to collect our second puppy soon a sister for Rosie you can’t get a better recommendation than that!

Rosie – Cavapoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos

Ellie – Cavapoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos

Michelle and Family

I can’t recommend Henley cavapoos and Maltipoo’s enough, Michele was amazing from day one! We met both parents and all the little pups where we chose our little Darcy, Michele sent weekly updates and when we picked her up she gave us a great puppy pack with lots of information in it, a lovely blanket,toy,treats and some food.

Darcy is now 4 months old and such an amazing happy little pup!

Thank you Michele for giving Darcy such a great start in life xxx

Darcy – Maltipoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos

Roy and Diane

We have had Susie a week now, we picked her up from Jess a week last Sunday. She couldn’t have been more helpful! Susie came with a weeks food & vouchers for more food. She didn’t eat much the first couple of days, but since then is eating well, firm poos, easy to pick up!

We have had three dogs previously, so knew what to expect, Jess was helpful filling the gaps in that we had forgotten! We both love Susie to bits, despite the broken nights etc, as we know that they grow up too quickly!

Thank you Jess for breeding such lovely puppies xx

Susie – Cavapoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos - Oscar

Sandra and Kevin

We are first time puppy owners and are 3 weeks into having our gorgeous Cavapoo, Ossie, from Henleypoos. We cannot recommend Henleypoos highly enough, from our very first enquiry to choosing our pup Jess was highly professional, friendly and always prompt in replying to any of our queries along the way. Having done thorough research on Cavapoo breeders we knew that Henleypoos was our first choice and were happy to wait for a puppy, and I’m so pleased we did. We have the most loveable, sweet-natured, intelligent pup – worth waiting every minute for.

When we first met the puppies we were highly impressed with the warm, loving and homely environment. All relevant paperwork was available for us to inspect. Between choosing Ossie and bringing him home, Jess kept us up to date with his progress each week.

Thank you Henleypoos for your hard work and dedication, the whole reason why we have such a happy, sociable and loving Cavapoo who we wouldn’t be without!

Ossie – Cavapoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos - Ossie

Hannah and family

We have had Oscar (Cavapoo) for just over 3 weeks and couldn’t be happier! He is the most affectionate, gentle, intelligent and fun loving little dog and we already can’t imagine life without him.We had been looking for a Cavapoo for ages but really struggled to find a reputable breeder. We came across so many breeders who were obviously just doing it for the money and we were starting to lose hope. We were then recommended Henley Cavapoos and instantly you could tell they were different. Not only do they health test the parents, they are also an absolute pleasure to deal with and Jessica is happy to answer all your questions – it is immediately apparent that her number 1 focus is to find the best new homes for their puppies.

Therefore, if you are looking for a great breeder with the most amazing dogs, honestly look no further, it is totally worth the wait, you won’t be disappointed!

Oscar – Cavapoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos - Oscar

Rebecca and family

Our beautiful little Florence is our first dog and we waited a long time to find the right breeder before committing to a puppy. Michele & Jess were so open and transparent from the start and so helpful, it just felt so right, and I knew they were the breeders for us. We saw Florence with her mum and dad and instantly fell in love.

Michele sent us video clips and photos of Florence and kept me informed of her progress all along until we collected her. She had prepared us a puppy pack full of everything we would need, including a beautiful blanket embroidered with Florence’s name. She knew we were novice dog owners and was so keen to help us get it right and provided us with so much information, tips and advice. Florence is a lovely natured, happy little soul, with beautiful fur and clear bright eyes. She has made our home complete. We can’t fault Henley Poos and highly recommend them.

Florence – Maltipoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos - Florence

Hannah and Chris

Thank you! We couldn’t be happier with our Milo! He’s 15 weeks old now. We first visited him at Henleypoos when he was four weeks old and he was the quietest cutest little thing as he was the only one in the litter. He did have lots of grown up playmates though in their home. His mother (cavalier King Charles) was with him all the time when we visited and she was absolutely adorable.

We got weekly photo updates of how Milo was doing. We collected him at 8 weeks old, he came with food, a toy and blanket with his name on and lots of puppy information. He had his first vaccination and was microchipped. He was fed on raw food which we still feed him and he loves. Now he’s a lively bundle of fun who loves to play with lots and lots of toys. Milo is the best 😊

Milo – Cavapoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos - Milo

Terri and family

Writing on behalf of my grandparents who aren’t online. They have recently just got their gorgeous cavapoo Amber. My grandparents were on the waiting list for a long time and waited for Amber which they would say now was so worth the wait.

Jess was very approachable and answered many phone calls from my grandparents before and after getting Amber, always happy to help with questions and queries. And me being the person to be in contact via here for my grandparents they were very responsive and helpful. Would highly recommend x

Amber – Cavapoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos - Amber

Kelly and family

When we started to look for a Maltipoo after losing our beloved one of 15 years old we found Michele. I didn’t look any further. The whole thing from start to finish was perfect and very professional. I was welcomed into Michele’s family home to see the puppies with mum and dad present. I stayed as long as I wanted and found it very difficult to choose as they were all gorgeous. After choosing a puppy I left a deposit to secure her. Michele kept in contact with me and sent me pictures of Daisy and also told me when Daisy had been to the vets for jabs and check ups.

On the day of collecting Daisy my husband and daughter were welcome to come with me. Daisy left with all her paper work, toys, a blanket, food, treats. She was wormed and fully vet checked. She knew how to use a puppy pad for toilet training. If I was going to get another puppy I would definitely use Michele and Henley Poo’s again. Whoever reads this I wish you the best of luck with your new fur baby, you won’t regret it. Beautiful dogs and breeders.

Daisy – Maltipoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos - Daisy

Emma and family

I can’t recommend Henley Cavapoos enough, they’re amazing breeders of the most perfect pups. Pudsey is our first dog, we did a lot of research to find the right breed for us and we knew how important it was to also find the right breeder. From first speaking to Jess we felt confident we’d come to the right people. It was obvious from first meeting Pudsey that he was being raised by extremely professional but also very caring home breeders. They were very happy to answer all my (many!) questions. We met both mum and dad, and were sent regular updates and photos of Pudsey’s progress and development.

When we picked Pudsey up Jess had prepared a beautiful puppy pack with all the information and paperwork we needed, plus food, toys and even a personalised blanket. Henleypoos breed healthy, happy dogs and we couldn’t be happier with our gorgeous Pudsey. He’s an incredible dog, the perfect addition to our family. He has a wonderful loving nature and is a genuinely beautiful dog. Thank you Henleypoos for giving Pudsey the best start in life! If you’re lucky enough to get your pup from Henleypoos you certainly won’t be disappointed! x

Pudsey – Cavapoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos - Pudsey

Hazel and family

I can’t recommend Henley Cavapoo and Maltipoo highly enough. From first meeting Michele and her lovely family when Rafi his siblings and both parents at 6 weeks old until the day we collected him we knew what a fantastic start Rafi had been given. Everything was explained and taken care of in such a caring professional manner. Nothing was too much trouble.

The after care has been great. Michele and Jess are always at the end of the phone if I needed any advice settling him into his new home.

If you decide to choose your puppy from them you won’t be sorry.

Thanks for everything.

Rafi – Maltipoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos - Rafi

Hannah and family

We had a fantastic experience when we got our Cavapoo, Lola, from Henley Cavapoos & maltipoos. From the moment we chose her they kept us informed of her progress, along with regular pictures. We also got to meet both mum & dad in their home environment.

A very professional breeder with all paperwork in place. I feel very lucky that we found Henley poos & that Lola was given such a great start in life.

Lola – Cavapoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos - Lola

Paul and family

From the moment we spoke to Michele we knew we had found a proper breeder. Very pleasant on the phone. When we arrived we did not see the puppies straight away. We had a chat with Michele and her husband. They were getting to know us and get a feel that we would be good owners. They were both warm and friendly and welcoming. All the time mum and dad were walking around us and I got to have cuddles with them.

Then we got to see the puppies. They was set free from the safety of their crate. We didn’t choose as Peanut found us. On the day of getting our Peanut Michele was so helpful and rest assured us being first time dog owners. We got a puppy pack with everything you needed for them first few weeks. There has been great contact even now photos get sent with updates on Peanut. Choosing Henley Maltipoos you can be rest assured your puppy is coming from a warm and caring family.

Peanut – Maltipoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos - Peanut

Sherrise and family

Just wanted to say how happy Monty is with us and how happy we are with him. We love him sooo much and he is a perfect little dog, now fully house trained by ringing a bell I have hung on the curtain by the door to go out… clever!

He has had his 6 month check it and all ok! We wanted a dog for such a long time and I feel he was waiting for us to have him. I don’t know how we ever lived without him! Thank you again x

Monty – Cavapoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos - Monty

Chris and family

We had a really good experience when we got our Maltipoo puppy Alessia. We got to meet both parents and saw the mum with the puppies; she seemed to be a very good mum. We were able to ask loads of questions without feeling that we were putting them out or asking something silly.

The pack we got when we collected Alessia was great, treats, a toy, a blanket that had been with the mum and a great information book. Totally recommend Henley Cavapoos and Maltipoos.

Alessia – Maltipoo

Henley Cavapoos & Maltipoos - Alessia